Feasibility study of market research (maintain content)

Malaysia is a land of opportunity. History shown that many of the giant corporation has garnered successful business here. However this required a lot of time, work, study, networking with local and of course fund.

We can provide not only technical feasibility study, but also in commercial, legal, and cultural behavior for foreign investors who are looking to expand their business in Malaysia.


Power Quality Analysis (maintain content)

Good electricity supply is very important for industries, commercials and household so that all electrical equipment, machines, meters etc are working correctly and efficiently. Furthermore it to ensure energy consumptions are efficient and save.

Some of the problems related to power quality issue are:

  • unnecessary tripping of RCDs,
  • motors overheating
  • compressor intermittent
  • monitors interference
  • lamps flickering,
  • etc.

Power Quality Measurement are important diagnosis before corrective action can be implemented.


Intelectual properties, copyright trademark

  • registration of patents, trade marks, industrial designs and geographical indications;
  • advisory services on IP
  • IP information and statistical data
  • training programme;
  • patent agent examination