Product Approval List With Local Authority

  • Energy Commission

    In Malaysia, the objective for the issuance of COA under the Electricity Regulations 1994 is to ensure that all activities to manufacture, import, display, sale or advertisement of:
    (a) any domestic equipment;
    (b) any low voltage equipment which is usually sold directly to the general public; or
    (c) any low voltage equipment which does not require special skills in its operation, meets the specified safety and efficient use of electricity requirements.

    Consumers’ interests in the use of electrical equipment shall be protected through the determination of the equipment being :-

    (a) compatible to Malaysian electricity supply system;
    (b) complying to standards;
    (c) tested by accredited laboratory;
    (d) labelled with SIRIM-ST’s label.

    Therefore, by complying with the specified minimum requirements risk of accidents such as fire, electric shock, explosion, radiation and other hazards which could result in injuries or deaths to humans and or damages to properties can be minimized or avoided.

    Products required to have COA are as below;
    1. Plug top/Plug
    2. Switches and dimmers
    3. Socket-outlets
    4. Fluorescent lamp holders / starter holders
    5. Ceiling rose
    6. Bayonet cap
    7. Lamp fitting
    8. Capacitor for fluorescent lamp
    9. Ballast / control gear / driver for lamp
    10. Circuit breaker
    11. Portable luminaire
    12. Kettle
    13. Kitchen machine
    14. Toaster / oven
    15. Rice cooker
    16. Refrigerator
    17. Immersion water heater
    18. Water heater
    19. Washing machine
    20. Electric fan
    21. Hand operated hair dryer / hand care / skin care
    22. Electric iron
    23. Shaver
    24. Vaporizer
    25. Vacuum cleaner
    26. Hi-fidelity set
    27. Video and visual display unit
    28. Audio video player unit
    29. Massager
    30. Air-conditioner
    31. Christmas light
    32. Domestic power tools
    33. Adaptor / Charger
    34. Wire / cables / flexible cords

    On top of that, some products need to comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) as below;
    1. Refrigerator
    2. Air-conditioner
    3. Television
    4. Domestic fan
    5. Lighting / Lamp

    Please check if your product are not listed in above but could be required to have certificates

  • Multimedia and Communication Commision

    As per Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 any communication instruments like telephone, mobile phone, walkie talkie, fax machine, transmitters, receivers, GPS positioning system, satellite dish etc must have import permit before allow to sell to Malaysia market. The products need to be evaluated before approval can be given.


    If your products need to sell to any Malaysian government projects, you have to apply to Electrical Material Approved List (EMAL). For example if you want to supply cables for Government Hospital or Public School projects, your cables must have EMAL approval.


    As for domestic low voltage products which is required ST-COA, for electrical apparatus on the supply side must have TNB-SGP before it can be used in the power utility system. Generally all item used in the system must have TNB-SGP from bolt and nuts to high voltage transformers and switchgears. TNB-SGP may have additional requirement on top of existing standards, technically and commercially.

  • TM Type Approval

    TM is largest telecommunication network and facilities in Malaysia, has practice standardized accessories that compatible with their systems and quality services. Interested supplier or vendor must strictly comply and adhere with TM requirement.