Laboratory Management System

The validity of test results from unaccredited laboratory can be questioned.  All efforts, time and energy spent is worthless if the results cannot be accepted. Therefore it is important that the laboratory shall be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for the laboratory to have valid and credible test results.

Unlike Quality Management System of ISO 9001, the Laboratory Management System of ISO/IEC 17025 have additional Technical Requirement to be comply with.

We have expertise for Testing And Calibration Management System.



Training of Conformity Assessment System for Electrical and Electronic Sector

“My products need to have what certificate? How many test required? To what standards? How much money I have to spend? Which certification body? How long should I wait?”

Above questions will be enough to “kill” entrepreneur’s enthusiast and excitement when they want to market their products. Understand Conformity Assessment System is crucial to avoid painful mistakes and headache, so you can save time, money and energy and growth your business effortlessly.

Training on Electrical Safety, Wiring Regulation and Code of Practices

We can provide in-house training for your organization for better understanding on electrical and electronic system. At the end of the workshop, participant will be able to:

  1. Understands the requirement of the safety for Wiring Regulation and Rules according to Akta Bekalan Elektrik in relation to Electrical Safety
  2. Understands the requirement on electrical safety based on product standards according to Malaysia Standards, British Standards, IEC standards etc
  3. Understands basic electrical safety for general electrical practices for Wiremen and Chargemen.
  4. Understands basic principle for Low Voltage Insulation Coordination

Training on Electrical Product Safety Standards

Electrical product must be designed according to relevant Product Safety Standards. Understanding on every requirement on the standards is essential to ensure your product can comply with the type testing.

Some of the basics understanding of the test standards and method are;

  1. Wires, cables and conductors
  2. Plug top
  3. Socket outlet
  4. Switches
  5. Household Appliance
  6. Connecting device
  7. Protections component (RCD, MCB, fuses)
  8. Lightning Protection System
  9. Electrical vehicle charging system
  10. Electromagnetic Compatibility