Product Type Testing

Teraohm Powermark will performs (if necessary in co-operation with a third party testing and certification body) product testing to determine if the products are in compliance with the applicable product standards and the essential regulatory requirements.

Standards can be used to determine and prove the safety status of a product. Standards are drafted on a national (e.g. Malaysia Standards (MS), Singapore Standards (SS) or British Standard (BS), ISO or IEC standards in the international level. The standards are regularly revised and made available through different national normalization institutes (e.g. SIRIM in Malaysia, Spring in Singapore and BSI in United Kingdom).

As the amount of available standards reaches well above 100.000, economic operators (manufacturers, importers, distributors) often have no idea which standards are applicable for their product.

Our experts will determine the applicable standards for your product and ensure a correct and practical application of the identified standards. We will reduce some tedious work and technical jargon required when applying for type testing.

Product Certification Scheme

Some big customers or local authorities required the manufacturer to have their product to be certified. It will depend on which Product Certification Scheme is required. For example in Malaysia, local authorities required the product certification scheme by SIRIM but not in other country. Some country only required Product Certification Scheme by any third-party Testing and Certification Body.

Type testing is prerequisite requirement in order to apply for Product Certification Scheme. Applying correct product standards is essential for manufacturer or importer to determine their product to be certified.

Product Certification Scheme body must be accredited with ISO/IEC 17065 type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. We will help importer or manufacturer to apply the Product Certification Scheme to which required by their targeted country.

Batch Certification Scheme

Batch Certification Scheme (sometimes known as Consignment Certification Scheme) is alternative root for importing control item goods. The product will be evaluated once its reach ports for customs clearance. It is good for one-off or infrequent importation. There is some documentation required for applying this certification scheme.